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Hungarian Investment Immigration Program

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Hungarian Investment Immigration Program

Hungary is the ideal destination for businessmen who want to relocate to Europe. The weather is mild, living costs are relatively low, and all major European capitals are within reach. The Hungarian investment immigration program offers a fast and easy solution for obtaining a permanent resident permit for you and your family, which opens the gate to Europe.

As Hungary is a member state of the European Union and the Schengen visa zone, all permanent residents of Hungary may travel freely within the Schengen zone. Moreover, if you immigrate to Hungary and become a permanent resident, you can more easily get a visa to the UK, Canada and the USA.

In the Hungarian investment immigration program, you have the opportunity to invest EUR 250,000 into Hungarian government bonds, sometimes referred to as “Hungarian residency bonds” for a 5-year period. The processing fee set by the government is EUR 40,000, and it covers the cost of lawyers, administration, and VIP service throughout the whole process.

In exchange, you receive a permanent resident permit for you and your family (spouse and two underage children). At the end of the investment period, you get back your money, but of course you can keep your resident permit – that’s why it is called a “permanent” resident permit. You only have to renew it, just like a driving licence.

For now, the cost of the program is the following:
EUR 250,000 investment sum
EUR 40,000 government processing fee.

Please note: a proposal has recently been submitted to Hungarian parliament regarding the increase of the face value of this investment. Moreover, it seems that the processing fee would also be raised. If the proposal is accepted, the new price structure would be the following:

EUR 300,000 investment sum
EUR 60,000 government processing fee.

This increase would still leave the Hungarian package the cheapest offer on the market; however, if you have been considering application, you might want to apply soon and save EUR 70,000 on the business.

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