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HELPERS is Hiring!

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HELPERS is Hiring!

HELPERS is a dynamically developing local enterprise that provides a wide range of services for foreigners living, working or doing business in Hungary. For more information about what we do and who we are, please browse

We now have a position open for full-time “Sales representative / Relationship manager”, to be filled in January 2014. The responsibilities are as follows:
• Track and follow up client enquiries via email, telephone or meetings
• Stay informed on HELPERS services and products, and convey this information to interested clients
• Manage our sales channels, and keep communications about products/services updated
• Expand and manage our network of reselling agents and affiliates worldwide
• Work with our account managers to inform existing client base of new products/services/offers

Our ideal candidate will have the following qualities and qualifications:
• Excellent spoken and written English, and preferably other languages as well (Hungarian is not required)
• Professional, confident communication skills, and an ability to communicate well with a wide variety of people
• International experience, personal or professional, and a generally cosmopolitan attitude
• Tolerant, open-minded and non-judgmental mentality
• Minimum 3-5 years’ relevant work experience (where “relevant” is used flexibly)
• Solid understanding of the basic concepts of business and finance (no formal training is required)

Applicants should send an English-language CV and cover letter to:
Barbara Ürögdi (Managing Director).

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