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Foreigners without TAJ can now make an appointment for vaccination online

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Foreigners without TAJ can now make an appointment for vaccination online

Starting from 19 June (Saturday), foreigners living in Hungary without a TAJ number can make an appointment for vaccination online through the EESZT system. You can select the date, the location, and your preferred vaccine – currently Pfizer, Sinopharm, and Sputnik vaccines are available.

You must register first

Online registration for vaccination was based on the TAJ number first. Since early May, you can also register if you do not have a TAJ number. However, booking an appointment for vaccination was possible only based on the TAJ number (through EESZT, the Hungarian healthcare database). With an update to the platform, this now changed.

Now everyone already registered for vaccination has been sent an email with a personal ID number (PID number) they will be able to use for making an appointment. If you are registering only now, you will automatically receive this number in an email after registration. Just click the link in the email you received to go to the residential portal of EESZT, and choose the second option, “vaccination appointment booking for registrants without a TAJ number”.

The page is available in English, and they even made a short video on how to make an appointment.

Make an appointment – step by step

First you have to identify yourself. For that, you need two things: your ID document you specified when you registered for vaccination, and the PID number you received in email and. The document will most probably be your passport or your residence permit; you can select the right one from a dropdown menu. Make sure to add the number of the document as well as the document type.

On the next screen, you can search for available appointments. Next to “date range”, you can select a period when you want to make an appointment by adding a first and last day. You can select your preferred vaccine, the county (this list includes Budapest too), and the ZIP code or the city. Then hit “Search”, and you get a list of available appointments. If you see one you like, click “Booking” next to it.

On the next screen, you can review your data for the time and location of the vaccination, the type of the vaccine, and your personal data. All fields are filled automatically, you can only update your email address and your phone number. If all looks fine, hit the big button under the form that says “Finalize appointment booking”.

If you have successfully booked the appointment, you can print the details from the next screen. Whether you print it or not, make sure to save the date (and place) in your calendar.

Show up early for your appointment

On the day of your appointment, make sure to show up at least 10 minutes early. You will have to identify yourself, and submit a consent form that also includes some information on your health (e.g. allergies, medication, pregnancy, heart or neurological condition). You can make the process faster by printing the form for yourself, filling it out, and taking it with you for your appointment. You can download the form in English here.

It is best if you print and fill 2 copies, because you will need the second one at your second appointment.

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