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Easy company formation in Europe

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Easy company formation in Europe

If you want your own company in Europe and the Schengen zone, there are many countries to choose from. It is true that many rules regarding trade and taxes apply to all European countries. However, there are large differences in local regulations regarding the difficulty and timeframe for incorporating a company.

The fastest company formation in Europe

Hungary has the fastest company formation procedure in Europe. In just 4-5 business days, you can have your Hungarian company with an immediately active EU VAT number. You can also start the incorporation procedure from your country of residence. In this case, you only need to send us a Power of Attorney for the company formation. Then, once your company is ready, you only need to visit Budapest for 1 business day to open the company bank account.

All nationalities: just bring your passport

There are no restrictions on who can own a limited liability company in Hungary. No matter what your nationality is, you can have your own company in just a few business days.

Another feature that makes company formation in Hungary very easy is that you do not need to provide a tax certificate, a bank account statement or proof of your qualifications from your home country. In Hungary, all you need is a passport to verify your identity. For some European nationals, an ID card is enough – but please check in advance if you are eligible.

Fully in control

Some countries require a local co-owner or manager for all companies. In Hungary, there is no such restriction, giving you full control of your company. You can be the sole owner and/or manager of your company, and make all business decisions yourself.

In the heart of Europe

Hungary lies in the geographical centre of Europe. It is well-connected to the rest of the world by air, rail, road and water. There are regular flights from most major international cities including London, Paris, Dubai and Moscow.

Last updated 21.11.2019

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