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Do I really need a business plan?

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Do I really need a business plan?

A well-made business plan includes professional and thoughtful planning in marketing, sales, finance, risk management, HR and operational management, and gives you comprehensive guidance and assistance in how to put your high level business ideas into practice. Even if you already have experience in running a business, a different country has a new set of rules, a different market, and a different taxation system. Involving experts in the business planning procedure will help you make strategic decisions and prepare for expenses ahead of time.

Make your vision reality

Having a detailed and well-researched business plan is highly recommended for every startup. Not only can it help you convince immigration authorities or potential investors about the viability of your business, but it also provides a detailed action plan for turning the shareholders’ high-level vision into reality. Formulating a precise budget, milestones and deadlines will give you realistic expectations about when and how big of a return you can expect on your investment in Hungary.

Take care of problems before they arise

Our network of local experts will highlight potential issues to overcome and advise you on best practices and timing. With our help, no tax bill will come as a surprise, no last-minute labour law problems will have to be dealt with, no sale will be delayed because of a missing permit. Experienced project managers will even take care of low-level implementation for you, saving you from having to micro-manage every step and letting you focus on executive tasks.

Helpers has what you need

Thanks to our carefully curated pool of trusted providers, you will always know the best person to call if you require some extra services. No matter if you need new furniture for your restaurant, a website-remake for your webshop or someone to negotiate real estate deals, we will point you to the provider that will reliably deliver quality services, giving you the best value for your money.

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