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Corporate work permit for your employees in Hungary

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Corporate work permit for your employees in Hungary

When moving your operation to Hungary, you might want to move some of your employees as well. They will need Hungarian residency with work permit – which you can easily get for them with our help.

Getting residency for your employees

Specialized, skilled work force is a major asset. In today’s globalized world, when you set up a subsidiary of your company in a new country, sometimes it is easier moving your own, trusted employees there than finding the right experts locally. As a result, many company owners take care of the relocation for their employees.

Corporate work permit in Hungary

When moving foreign work force to Hungary, your employees will need certain documents that allow them to work and live here. These documents let them integrate in the Hungarian system of social security and taxes.

  • Social security number
  • Tax number
  • Registration card OR Work permit and residence permit

The tax and social security numbers are both necessary to put a new employee on payroll.

Employees coming from EU member states need a registration card to be able to stay in Hungary for a longer time. It is issued right away.

Employees who are not citizens of the EU will need a residence permit and a work permit to live and work in Hungary. The two permits are processed together, so one application is enough. However, the process takes 70 days, which has to be taken into consideration when planning the operation of the company.

Corporate work permit by Helpers

Our service makes works with the Hungarian authorities smoother and faster. It includes compiling the application documents, couriering it to your employee, and regularly following up the case to make sure the permit is processed without any difficulties. If your employee is in Hungary, we accompany them to the authorities. Read more in the brochure here.

Helpers is a one-stop-shop for anyone setting up a company in Hungary. We offer assistance in company formation, residence permit and work permit application, and getting all the paperwork done that is necessary for starting a successful business in Hungary.

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