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Citizenship by investment: Montenegro citizenship program

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Citizenship by investment: Montenegro citizenship program

Even though the Hungarian Residency Bond program is suspended, there are plenty of opportunities for international investors to get a Schengen visa and settle in Europe. One of the newest programs is the Montenegrin citizenship program.

Investment in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country in southern Europe, in the Balkans. Most of its territory consists of mountain ranges, while the Adriatic coast in the south hosts busy ports and attractive tourist destinations. The government offers investment opportunities in real estate projects that are either in the more popular southern or the less developed northern regions. Since the two regions concerned offer different returns, the expected investment sum depends on where you want to invest. In the south, which offers more ROI and fewer risks, EUR 450,000 is expected, while in the north, the expected amount is only EUR 250,000.

Benefits of Montenegrin citizenship

Those who invest in any of the real estate projects picked by the government become eligible for Montenegrin citizenship. The application fee is EUR 100,000, and it may include your spouse and your underage children as well. Neither of you need to actually reside in Montenegro or renounce your existing citizenships, while all of you will be allowed to travel visa-free in the Schengen zone and altogether 120 countries of the world, including Turkey, Russia, the UK, and the USA.

Taxation in Montenegro is quite favorable. You pay taxes only on income generated in Montenegro. The personal income tax is only 9-11%, while capital gains tax is 9%, and there are no taxes on gifts, inheritance, or payments from life or property insurance. Corporate tax is again only 9%, while VAT is between 7% and 17%, depending on the product.

What to do next?

Learn more about the investment citizenship program of Montenegro by visiting our partner site, There you may also find other European investment citizenship programs using the search tool on the side.

While Hungary has no investment citizenship program, you may gain residency in Hungary through real estate investment. Find out more here.

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