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Buying a vacation rental in Hungary

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Buying a vacation rental in Hungary

Budapest, as well as the rest of Hungary, is extremely popular with tourists of all ages and income brackets. Many visitors come from Europe – after all, most big cities on the continent are only a short flight away –, but tourists from other continents are also frequent visitors. Since more and more people prefer to rent an apartment rather than staying at hotels, buying a small apartment to be converted into a vacation rental is an excellent investment opportunity in Hungary.

More money for your investment

Renting your apartment for short-term stays means that you can get more returns on your investment: the income is about 30-40% more than renting the same apartment long term. An added benefit is that the apartment is available to you or your family whenever you want to spend time in Hungary.

The best apartments to buy

The best type of real estate to buy for vacation rental is a smaller apartment in the downtown area of Budapest. These are close to all the sights that visitors to Budapest typically want to see, and mostly housed in classic style, hundred-year-old buildings, an added plus and a rarity for visitors from outside Central Europe.  

Our property management packages

Helpers offers several packages accompanying you every step of the way. We present you our extensive and carefully selected portfolio of apartments for sale, containing a number of insider listings that are not publicly listed for sale, draw up the sales contract with our experienced legal team, supervise the handover, and naturally, take care of all paperwork and fees to be paid to the authorities. Our property management packages assist you in all possible tasks related to rentals: from cleaning, repairs, interior decoration up to a 24/7 availability for your guests and complete handling of the reservation and payment process.

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