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Benefits of doing business in Serbia

Serbia offers several compelling benefits for foreign companies looking to expand their business operations or establish a new presence in the European market. Here are some of the key advantages of doing business in Serbia: In conclusion, Serbia presents a compelling destination for foreign companies seeking to establish or expand their business operations in Europe. […]

Serbian-EU Business Relations

Serbia and the EU enjoy a robust trade relationship, with bilateral trade valued at around €50 billion in 2022. The EU is Serbia’s largest export market, accounting for over 50% of the country’s total exports. Serbia’s key exports to the EU include agricultural products, metals, and machinery. In return, Serbia imports a wide range of […]

Highlights of the Serbia-China Free Trade Agreement

Key Highlights of the Serbia-China FTA Potential Benefits of the Serbia-China FTA The FTA is expected to generate several benefits for both Serbia and China, including: Impact on Serbia’s Economy For Serbia, the FTA holds the potential to: Overall, the Serbia-China FTA is a significant step towards strengthening economic ties between the two countries. The […]