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Advantages of a limited liability company in Hungary

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Advantages of a limited liability company in Hungary

Last updated on 10 November 2020.

A limited liability company, commonly abbreviated LLC or LTD, is a widely popular form of business. In Hungarian, it is called “Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság”, or KFT, which is the exact translation of the English name. Here are all the advantages of setting up a limited liability company in Hungary.

Low share capital

The minimum share capital for a Hungarian LLC is only EUR 8,300 (HUF 3 million). This means you can start a business here without investing too much. Moreover, you do not need to keep the share capital locked down in a bank account. Instead, you are allowed to spend 100% of it on company-related expenses.

Quick and easy

Incorporating an LLC in Hungary only takes 4-5 business days. We prepare all paperwork in advance, and you can sign it in person or via Power of Attorney.

Immediate VAT number

Your Hungarian company will receive an EU VAT number immediately and automatically. Thus, you don’t need to file an application, fit any additional criteria, or pay an extra fee.

Be in complete control

In Hungary, any individual can be the owner or manager of an LLC. This has two big advantages for you. First, all you need to set up your company is your passport to prove your identity, so no additional documents like tax records or qualification certificates are required. Second, you do not need a Hungarian national to co-own or co-manage the company with you.

Favorable tax conditions

Hungary has the lowest corporate tax in Europe, at only 9% percent. Even better, this is a flat tax rate, so companies of all sizes can benefit from it.

Set up your Hungarian LLC with us

Helpers Hungary has over 12 years of experience in helping foreign businessmen set up and manage their Hungarian LLC. We have well defined workflows that allow for just enough flexibility to suit all your needs when setting up your limited liability company in Hungary. Contact us to discuss a tailored solution for you!

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