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What to look for in virtual office service – Tips for business owners

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What to look for in virtual office service – Tips for business owners

When you open a company in Hungary, it is worth finding a registered seat provider that also offers virtual office service. This can save you money not only at the start of your company operation, but also throughout your business activity in Hungary. Learn about some aspects you should keep in mind when choosing a provider.

Full back office support from Day 1

If you start your Hungarian company operation with your registered seat at a provider that also offers virtual office service, you can get full back office support from Day 1 without spending time on office search and recruitment in advance. This also keeps your costs predictable as well as low.

Receiving registered mail

The personnel at your registered seat can be authorized to receive official mail on your behalf, which is in most cases registered mail. Without that, you will only get a notification, and you have to go to the post office in person and wait in line in a crowded space or in the cold street (depending on current pandemic-related regulations), just to receive a long and convoluted letter from the Tax Authority, all in Hungarian.

Undisturbed focus on your business

Most of the official mail that is sent to your Hungarian company is not relevant to you but your company accountant. Helpers opens and sorts your mail, and forwards messages directly to your accountant if that is what makes sense. This way you might not even hear from your virtual office for long periods, while everything runs smoothly in the back office.

Instructions to act on official mail

If authorities send your company a message that is actually relevant to you, in many cases they require action within 8 calendar days. To let you act promptly, not only Helpers forwards you the message as soon as possible, but we also provide a short summary in English, together with instructions to keep your company compliant with Hungarian regulations and avoid fines.

Support throughout your whole operation

Using a virtual office service makes sense not only at the start of your operation, but also when you have already set up your office or shop, all staffed. Changing your registered address is a type of company modification, for which you need a lawyer, and pay the price. In contrast, maintaining the same registered seat address throughout your Hungarian operation you avoid paying for company modification each time you move to a new location. At the same time, you and your employees can continue to focus on growing your business, while official mails are still taken care of safely.

Complement the virtual office service with a co-working space

Besides using a virtual office to take care of your official mail, and getting full back office services from Day 1 of your operation without paying full price for an actual office and personnel, from time to time you might need an real, brick-and-mortar space where you can meet partners, clients, or providers in person. Our physical office (an additional service we provide upon request) grants you access to a serviced office where you can always get a desk, work, have a coffee, meet people, or even rent a meeting room when that is what you need.

Outsourcing is cost-effective and sustainable

Needing and using less office space, utilities, hardware, and manpower costs your company less, while it all contributes to a smaller carbon footprint. The digital operation (scanning and emailing documents) in itself already eliminates the need for the physical movement of documents, so less energy (and gasoline) is used in delivery.

Let us support your Hungarian operation

Helpers Hungary has been offering business assistance to foreigners in Hungary for 15 years. Our virtual office service is an optimized solution for starting a company, and it remains practical throughout your whole operation by providing a stable background for your Hungarian business.

Contact us today and let us be by your side while your Hungarian business grows!

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