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The value of a good registered seat address service

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The value of a good registered seat address service

Setting up a company in Hungary is extremely easy and fast. Plus, it is made even more attractive by the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe.

Once your company is set up, you will want to focus on getting your business up and running. However, keeping your company compliant is just as important business planning. A key component of this is the handling of your company’s mail.

The importance of the registered seat

In Hungary, it is mandated by law that all companies need to have a registered seat address. This is where letters from the authorities or business partners can reach you. Letters sent from various authorities such as the tax office, the statistics bureau or the municipality often require a reply within 8 calendar days. Failing to reply to them on time can result in heavy fines for the company. And, needless to say, they are all in Hungarian.

Not all company seat address providers are alike

Unless you have an office with a full-time Hungarian-speaking employee, your best option is to use a registered office provider to handle your mail. There are a lot of registered seat address providers throughout Budapest. However, their service is usually not tailored to the needs of foreign business owners. As a result, you will receive a bunch of long documents in Hungarian, with very little idea of what to do with them.

Get the service you need from Helpers

Helpers’ registered seat and mail forwarding services offer much more than a regular provider’s. Let’s see how. First of all, we are authorised to receive any and all mail (normal, certified, or priority) arriving to the company or its managing director. We make sure that there is always someone to welcome the mailman on workdays during working hours.

The best part of our service is that we pre-select your mail. Our typical client will only have to deal with 20% of their company letters. What happens to the rest? We automatically forward it to your accountant (whether they are from Helpers or from another provider), who submits the necessary forms to the necessary authorities.

When we do need input from you, we email you a scan of the letter, along with an English summary and instructions on what to do next, within 48 hours. We forward hard copies to your accountants once a week. The mail concerning only you is stored in our office, ready for personal pick-up or being forwarded to you via post.

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