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Should I open a cafe in Budapest?

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Should I open a cafe in Budapest?

Long-standing cafe tradition in Hungary

Hungary has a long-standing cafe-culture, but while this used to be an afternoon or evening pastime, expats and young Hungarian professionals have created a trend to have breakfast or brunch at their favorite cafe. Add to this the increasing number of digital nomads who prefer to work in a cosy cafe rather than in an office or at home, along with trendy food blogs and social media making new places known instantly, and you’ll see why we recommend that our clients open a cafe in Budapest.

Go for Buda

One of the most important factors in deciding where to open your new cafe is location. Within the city of Budapest, Pest has the most places for eating out or having a cup of coffee, so much so that the market can be considered to be fully saturated. The Buda side, on the other hand, has many more residential areas with well-to-do potential customers, and a relatively scarce supply of culinary establishments to go to. This means that there is a market gap to be filled here.

Helpers will realize your vision

Thanks to our local network, Helpers can accompany you every step of the way to opening your own cafe in Hungary. We can help you with company formation, present you our extensive and carefully selected portfolio of franchise partners, we help you select the most suitable business property, draw up the sales contract with our experienced legal team, supervise the handover, and naturally, take care of all paperwork and fees to be paid to the authorities. Working with your vision, we can take care of branding, interior decoration, marketing, and also practical matters like finding suppliers and helping you hire staff.

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