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How – and why – to get an EU registration card in Hungary

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How – and why – to get an EU registration card in Hungary

Under current regulations because of the pandemic, people who are not Hungarian citizens or residents might find it more difficult to enter Hungary. However, if you are an EU citizen already living in Hungary, you can make your life easier if you get your EU registration card and address card as soon as possible.

EU registration card

Regularly, EU citizens can enter Hungary without a visa, and can stay in Hungary up to 90 days without registration. If you know you will be staying, you do not have to wait for 90 days with the registration, you can do it immediately after arrival. However, if you stay more than 90 days, you must register as a Hungarian resident, and ask for an EU registration card at the immigration office.

If you have an EU registration card, you will also get an address card, and you will be officially considered a Hungarian resident. This is an immediate benefit if you must cross the border often, as Hungarian residents enjoy some privileges when entering Hungary. This is especially true under current regulations, when EU citizens without Hungarian residency are at a disadvantage.

How to get an EU registration card and an address card?

You can get you EU registration card only if you are in Hungary, since you will have to pick it up in person from your local Immigration Office – even though the procedure can be started online at the EnterHungary portal. The procedure takes just a few days after submitting the application online, and you will receive a notification once the EU registration card is ready and you can go pick it up. You will need to sign the card on spot, and it will be laminated with your signature on it.

The address card is created automatically by the local government office after you signed for your EU registration card, and it will be mailed to the address you specified as your address in your application.

What do you need for the application?

Whether you are planning to apply in person or online, you will need the following data (with relevant supporting documents)

1. Identification: Any document with you name, data, and photo on it that can identify you. It may be e.g. your EU ID card or your passport

2. Purpose of staying in Hungary: If you are planning on staying in Hungary for an extended period, you probably have a reason for doing so, e.g.:

  • working in Hungary
  • managing or owning a Hungarian company
  • studying
  • family unification
  • other reason

3. Proof of address: Your official address should be the place where you actually reside. This is important because official letters, including your address card, will be sent to this address, and you will have to be able to receive them. (Some of these letters have to be signed for on spot, or later picked up in person from the local post office.)

Please keep in mind that your official address will also determine to which branch of the Immigration Office you have to go to pick up your EU registration card.

Whether you are renting or owning a home, you will have to submit proof of that, together with a signed form that EVERY owner AND beneficiary of the given property agree to your staying at their property.

4. Healthcare insurance: You must be eligible for receiving healthcare services in Hungary, which can be through social security (e.g. if you have a local job or a European Health Insurance Card, EHIC), or a private health insurance contract.

Get your EU registration card as soon as possible

If you are planning to stay in Hungary, it is important for you to register as a resident to become eligible for all the benefits of being a resident of Hungary. Let us know if you need any help with the process – just fill in the form below, and an expert colleague will get back to you.

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