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European student visa

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European student visa

There are many ways to get EU residency that grants you free travel in the Schengen zone. A European student visa is just one of the options, but if you are eager to learn, that’s a great opportunity to set your foot in the door of Europe.

Why to get a European student visa?

A student visa is your best way to Europe if…

  • you want to study, and at a prestigious university, in a multicultural environment
  • you are still young and eager to discover new knowledge and new opportunities
  • you might later want to stay in Europe to enter employment or start a business

Where to get a European student visa?

Student visa is basically available to those enrolling in a university or college in Europe. This way everything depends on you: first you have to decide what you want to study, and then you can start to look for a place where you can study your subject. The student visa application procedure varies country by country, so it is also a factor worth checking out.

Student visa in Hungary

Hungary is a great choice if you are looking for a European student visa. The first Hungarian university was founded more than 650 years ago, and Hungarian education gave the world many innovators and even Noble Prize winning scientists. (You can find a list of the most prominent programs here.) While Hungarian tuition fees are relatively low, scholarships are also available to foreign students.

In Hungary, not only application at the university of your choice, but also the student visa application itself is simpler than in many western European countries. At the same time, living costs are generally lower, which means you can save money – probably to spend on visits to other European capitals easily accessible from Hungary thanks to the good infrastructure and cheap flights. Moreover, you can travel unhindered, since the Hungarian student visa gives you visa-free access to all Schengen countries.

How to apply?

First you have to select the institution where you want to study, then you will have to apply. Once you are admitted, you can start planning your stay in Hungary, which will include finding a place to stay, getting medical coverage for the period of your stay, actually enrolling at the university, and, of course, applying for your European student visa.

Please note: Helpers no longer provides stand-alone student visa application assistance. If you need help, contact your university for guidance, since many universities offer information at their admission offices.

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