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Easy Hungarian work-permit and residency for employees from Serbia and Ukraine

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Easy Hungarian work-permit and residency for employees from Serbia and Ukraine

Operating a Hungarian company? Planning to employ workers from Serbia or Ukraine? Depending on their profession, your new employees might be able to apply for a Hungarian work permit and residency in a preferential procedure.

Find the best candidates

If you want your company successful, you want to make sure you work with the best – the best partners, best providers, and, of course, best employees. However, the employees that best fit a position might not be local – in which case they will need a Hungarian residence permit and a work permit. The procedure usually takes a few months, so you will have to plan well ahead. However, if the employee is a perfect fit for your company, they might be worth the wait.

Same permits, faster procedure

If you are planning to employ someone at your Hungarian company who is from Ukraine or Serbia (both countries right next door to Hungary), your employees-to-be might get a preferential treatment if they are going to be employed in certain positions. The procedure for obtaining the residence permit and the work-permit is exactly the same, but the time to process applications is significantly shorter.

Diverse list of preferred jobs

The list of positions for which applicants from Serbia and Ukraine are eligible for this expedited procedure is quite long and diverse, with jobs in various fields. Some examples include:

  • drivers of various vehicles, including bus, truck, or locomotive drivers
  • engineers in various fields including electronics, food industry, architecture
  • technicians in various fields
  • IT related positions, including developers, programmers, analysts
  • agricultural workers
  • construction workers
  • metal workers
  • salespersons and office helpers

Already have a candidate?

If you already have a candidate who is from Serbia or Ukraine, check if they are eligible for the expedited procedure based on the position they are to fill. If yes, they can get their Hungarian residency and work permit sooner, which means they can start adding to the success of your Hungarian company sooner. If you are just planning to make a new hire, check out our recruitment service that includes everything from formulating the positions to registering your new employee.

Get in touch and let’s see if we can help you!

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