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Budapest, the city of baths

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Budapest, the city of baths

Thermal springs

Budapest offers exciting activities every day of the week. However, it is also famous as the perfect place to relax. The capital is literally teeming with baths and spas. This is thanks to the the innumerable hot springs scattered all around the country. The water bubbling up from these springs is coming from deep underground. It is heated by geothermal activity, that is, the natural heat of the Earth’s core. Most thermal springs also contain dissolved minerals and gases. Thanks to these, they can be used for medicinal purposes, treating a range of chronic pains and inflammations.

Gellért Bath

The most spectacular bath might be the Gellért Bath. It is situated at the base of Gellért hill overlooking the Danube on the Buda side of the capital. The bath is combined with an impressive secessionist hotel. It houses a number of indoor and outdoor pools and saunas, offering a full and luxurious spa experience.

Rudas Bath

A little bit north of Gellért, tucked away at the foot of Elisabeth bridge is Rudas Bath. This bath is part the longest-lasting heritage of Hungary’s Ottoman rule. It boasts its original Turkish-style central hall, with the sauna and swimming pool added later in the 19th century. The bath has 6 thermal pools with temperatures ranging from 16℃ to 42℃. In addition, it offers various massages and aromatherapy sessions. Rudas hosts night bathing sessions every Friday and Saturday, which are popular with locals and visitors alike.

Széchenyi Bath

On the Pest side, situated in one of the biggest city parks not far from Heroes’ Square, is the Széchenyi Bath. It is one of the largest spa complexes in Europe and also the first thermal bath to be built in Pest. It houses 18 indoor and outdoor pools of various sizes and temperatures, saunas and steam chambers. The services include massages, pedicures, mud baths, and medicinal baths with healing waters of different compositions.

Hévíz lake

The best-known Hungarian spa outside of Budapest is lake Hévíz, a world heritage site just west of lake Balaton. There are several spa buildings and hotels built around the lake, making it the perfect site for a relaxing weekend getaway from the city.

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